Advanced AI Solutions aims to be one of America’s top producers of fast-response, fire-suppressing drones.  With these drones, our AI-enabled thermal camera technology can detect and alert to fires at an early stage, helping to save lives and control major disasters. The company’s products are ready for US production transfer for private sector sales and pre-market prototypes for government sales.

Why Invest

80 Patents

Exclusive license to use just over 80 patents and patent applications with production based in the US.

$67B Market

The size of the US fire protection market will reach over $6B by 2023 with the global market size expected to reach $67B by 2028.

Powered by AI

AI drones present a safer and more advanced fast-response tool for extinguishing and mitigating fires.

A faster, safer way to respond to fires

Advanced AI Solutions was founded to save lives. With our robust suite of fire-suppressing drone products, our goal is to prevent the catastrophic damage and loss caused by the growing number of wildfires occurring in the United States.

In action, our thermal camera can spot a fire from up to five miles away, sending the precise location of the fire to fire department command centers to coordinate and deploy fire-fighting drones strategically located near fire-prone locations for rapid fire combat before the fires spread.  The system’s AI response to detect threats present both a faster and safer solution for combating early wildfires than traditional methods.

Thermal Cameras

Capable of identifying early fires up to five miles away

Fire Fighting Drones

Drones are rapidly dispatched by command center personnel to the precise location

Example Command Center Display transmitted by thermal camera and powerful AI software.

Annual High Fire Ignition Risk Window will Grow by 10-30%

The Problem

Record-setting Droughts and Heat Waves are Leading to More Frequent Fires

Across the world, record-setting droughts and heat waves are spurring more frequent and severe wildfires. In their wake, forests and neighborhoods are destroyed, lives are lost, and people are left homeless. Projections indicate that these threats are only going to get worse, with rising temperatures predicted to lengthen the annual window of high fire ignition risk by 10-30%. (source)

During an active wildfire, helicopters and air tankers can be slow to arrive and expensive to operate (source). In some circumstances, the need for personnel has left useful vehicles unable to be operated in dire times of need (source). As these fires are growing more dangerous and costly to manage, the need for new, advanced tools is clear. In order to address these ongoing threats, we need improved response and containment mechanisms that leverage top technology to keep as many people as possible out of harm’s way.

The Solution

Firefighting Drones Powered by AI Software

Advanced AI Solutions will produce smart, fire-suppressing drones that can be managed through a variety of devices.  AI software built into the thermal cameras allows early detection of fires to alert command centers to dispatch the autonomous drones for rapid suppression.

These fires are growing more and more dangerous for firefighters to manage, prompting the need for new, advanced tools. In order to address these ongoing threats, we need improved response and containment mechanisms that leverage top technology to keep as many people as possible out of harm’s way.

Our fire suppression technology is capable of extinguishing fires in areas up to 1.2 acres in size using our fire drone trailer that can be operated by one person with a pickup truck.

Our revenue will come from these and additional products based on a sale or lease-to-own model, combined with requisite hardware and software maintenance. AAIS will offer individual units, with the option of customization to fire departments, fire stations, land management companies, utility providers, and other organizations, beginning in the US before expanding worldwide.

The Market

Billion-dollar Markets Mitigating Devastating Losses

Fires cost the world hundreds of billions of dollars in damages and losses, with insurance companies, power utilities, and home and property owners being some of the hardest hit (source, source).


Global Fire Protection System Market

Anticipated CAGR of 6.8% from 2021-2028

$6B by 2023

US Fire Protection System Market

Projected with CAGR of 8.6%

$18B in 2020

$40B by 2027

Global Drone Market

Anticipated CAGR of 12.27%


The overall market for our products is expansive, including utility companies, state land management, fire departments, police departments, the U.S. government and military, as well as large commercial properties. Our primary competition are traditional fire-fighting methods using manned firetrucks, manned aircraft, and sometimes situational awareness drones manually launched well after the wildfire has grown but we are not aware of any system with the powerful AI capability as ours. We take pride being an American company that will manufacture in the US.

Our Traction

Fire Drones are Ready for Production

With an exclusive license to use over 80 global patents for AI-enabled fire solutions, our suite of technology is now ready for action. This round of investment will fund the production of our initial products, including our thermal camera with AI software and three firefighting drone models. Our first series of products will be sold in the U.S., with opportunities for customer feedback and improvements.

Drones shown are ready for US production transfer for private sector sales and pre-market prototypes for government sales.

We aim to sell our first series of products in the U.S. by the end of 2023 with opportunities for customer feedback and enhancements.

Join us in this critical, life-saving mission

Tackling the growing threats of wildfires has become one of the world’s most critical challenges. By implementing state-of-the-art technology, our products and services aim to save as many lives as possible.

Once we expand within the US market, we’ll extend globally, supporting as many regions, municipalities, and organizations as possible. We’re pioneering the widespread use of fire-fighting drones and AI thermal cameras, and we’re looking for individuals who share our mission.