Thermal Cameras

The AAIS Thermal Cameras for the AI Platform
Command System

In action, our fully compliant IP-67 surveillance Thermal Cameras can spot a fire from up to five miles away, sending the precise fire location to fire department command centers to coordinate and deploy fire-fighting drones strategically situated near fire-prone locations for rapid combat before the fire spreads.

Early smoke and fire detection is key to saving property and lives

The AI Platform Command System relies upon the Thermal Camera system’s stable imaging technology stable performance data that is unaffected by weather and environmental factors. The system performs equally without compromise in the daytime, rain, weather, as well as in the dark of night.


The AI Platform Command System uses the camera’s efficient video image information, 24-hour seamless monitoring, and “object temperature difference” detection for analysis.


Using its combustion critical-temperature automatic warning mode, the system has infrared temperature and automatic induction measurement processing for early warning functionality.


It uses the difference between the temperature emitted by the object itself and the ambient temperature for automatic analysis and calculations.


When the temperature difference exceeds the set combustion-critical temperature, the system will automically set off an alarm.

The system is not only capable of accurate assessment of a burning flame, but also in the smoke state.
Dark-fire and spontaneous combustion of elevated temperatures can be detected, identified, and alerted by adopting the dual modes of visible light fireworks identification as well as thermal imaging temperature measurement and alarm.

Reliable Surveillance

Beyond wildfire prevention, the cameras can be used reliably for electric power and oil & gas field infrastructure, border defense, airport runway and aircraft landing and take-off safety, maritime and other environmental monitoring protection.