Early Detection and Rapid Suppression System

Firefighting Drones

AI Powered Surveillance Thermal Cameras

AI-Powered Technology

Our patent-pending system uses long-range thermal cameras with ground-breaking AI software for early fire detection, 24/7, up to 5 miles.

Critical information is transmitted to fire department command centers for coordinated analysis and decision making.

Our fire-fighting drones are then quickly deployed to the scene day or night, 24/7 strategically located near fire-prone locations for low-altitude, high-precision rapid fire-combat. 

And AAIS fire-fighting drones can be deployed in swarms combatting fires over greater expanses of land.

Drone Features

Dry Powder Bombs

4 ABC Ultrafine Dry Powder Bombs can be dropped one at a time, each capable of extinguishing an area of up to 6 square meters.

High Capacity Battery

High capacity battery with intelligent power management provides up to 35 minutes of flight time.

Fire Extinguishing Tank

3kg or 12kg tank of dry powder has an electronically controlled fast opening mode. Powder spray pipe is made of carbon fiber and can extend up to 4.3m long

Multiple Cameras

4K Camera with 30X Optical Zoom used for long-range tracking, surveillance & reconnaissance, and security patrol. 1080P Infrared thermal imaging camera used for night surveillance and reconnaissance, fire, and security patrol.

We Provide 5 Key Elements

Our Mission

Combat wildfires in the first 30 minutes when it’s easiest to suppress and causes the least damage.