AI Platform Command System

The AAIS AI Platform Command System for Early Warning Fire Detection

The AI Platform Command System in conjunction with the AAIS long-range surveillance Cameras and Weather Collection Stations enables remote 24/7 round-the-clock monitoring, alerts, and display of forest areas without the limitation of constant manual observation. Critical video and data that impact fire properties and dynamics are intelligently processed by powerful AI-software to provide essential guidance to remote firefighter command centers for coordinated analysis and decision making.

Based on the AI Platform Command System information, AAIS fire-safe, long distance, heavy payload autonomous Firefighting Drones with their own on-board zoom cameras can then be quickly deployed to the scene from strategic fire-prone locations for low-altitude, high precision fire combat.

The AI Platform Command System is digitized and automatic. Forest area management is simplified, improving response times and efficiencies, and can dramatically reduce fire related losses.