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Two basic models: the WK-1900 and WK-1800.

4,000 - 5,000 feet

4,000-5,000 feet

16 ft/second

16 ft/second

3 months

Yes, please view our media gallery.

about 50 minutes

about 40 minutes

about 30 minutes

about 30 minutes

328 feet

3280 feet

3280 feet

2 tanks carrying 26 pounds of dry powder each.

2 tanks carrying 26 pounds of dry powder each.

45 pounds

110 pounds

1 inch in diameter (25 mm)

1.5 inches in diameter (40 mm)

123 pounds (including drone weight)

286 pounds (including drone weight)

175 pounds (this is the drone weight)


Lithium battery

Lithium battery

$250K pays for Drone Trailer, WK-1800 Drone, window-break apparatus, chemical powder module, spray module, water module, batteries, and hands-on training of up to 5 personnel.


8'11" L x 6'10" W x 3'3" H (fully extended)/ 5'11" L x 6'10" W x 3'3" H (arms extended)/ 3'2" L x 3'8" W x 3'3" H (arms folded)

8'11" L x 7'6" W x 3'3" H (fully extended)/ 7'7" L x 7'6" W x 3'3" H (arms extended)/ 3'3" L x 2'7" W x 3'3" H (arms folded)

175 pounds

Ready to Fly

Fire Supplies Transport Box;, Dry Powder Fire Extinguishing Tank Module; Window-Break Module; Water Spray Module; High-Altitude, Fire Bomb Launcher.

0.4 inches/10mm-thick tempered glass

22 miles/hour (windless environment)

33 miles/hour (windless environment)

14 degrees F to 113 degrees F

1-year standard manufacturer's warranty

26 miles/hour

26 miles/hour

Thermal Cameras

Within a 6-mile (10 km) radius, regardless of weather or time of day.

-49 degrees F to 158 degrees F



3 months

Licensee/Owner or KillFire


DC 24Volt

$150K pays for a complete Early Detection and Warning system, consisting of a Thermal Camera, AI-assisted predictive software, a mobile Trailer with solar system and one backup battery.

$1250 and up (depends  on the install locations)


100 pounds

Fire proof map, fire data, fire tasks, data statistics, system, special, surveillance video, layers, meteorology, querying, selection, posit, distance, area, MaRoaming,  ALARMS, shortest path,spread analysis, fire issue, plotting, assessment, UAV

licensee/Owner or KillFire

Up to 93 miles/hour

Predictive Software

Sends alarms to command center and more…

Online remote updates

3 months and up


Google Chrome

One day 

Amazon Cloud or other cloud services 

Overview of and work with the Drone's remote-control functions, and an explanation of the Thermal AI Software

1-year standard manufacturer's warranty

Weather Station

Temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, atmospheric pressure, etc. 

3 months and up


Any internet connection will be fine.

DC 24V

$1,250 and up, depending on where it's mounted.


33 pounds

3 feet in diameter, and 5 feet high

At least a distance of 24 feet from the camera tower.

32 feet above the ground

Standard 1-year manufacturer's warranty applies.

Anti-Theft System

The anti-theft alarm systems provide 24-hour monitoring of the bottom of the tower. When anything is detected approaching a tower, an alarm will be sent out, providing real-time voice communication between the Command Stations and the personnel at the tower.

3 months


Google Chrome



Standard 1-year manufacturer's warranty.


Not yet.

One week.

Yes. The FAA requires an A107 Drone Operator license to operate any drone that weighs up to 55 pounds. Anything over that requires a 347 exemption. You must also be at least 16 years old; able to read, write, speak, and understand English; and 

in a physical and mental condition to safely fly an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS).

Go to and follow the instructions.  You may need to complete at least one waiver to enable you to operate your drone at the time(s) and place(s) you want to.

That depends on the skill of the operator, but generally 10-16 hours of flying experience is needed to be proficient.

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